About Me

Connie Goulding

“It's magic!”  That's what Connie, as a small child, thought as she watched her mother draw cartoon characters. The oldest of ten children, daughter
of hard working parents, Connie was always trying to catch “The Magic”.

When she was a teenager, two men, representatives of a by mail correspondence art school, showed up at her home. Her parents were not surprised.  She had
entered and won an art contest in a magazine. Her father, a lumberjack and her mother,
a stay at home mom of a large family, decided to make a huge sacrifice for their daughter.  They enrolled Connie into the “Famous Artists Courses for Talented Young People” a by mail art school.  It was her parent's belief in her abilities and the art school, that set her on an artist's path.

Most of Connie's art education came from doing art projects for others in her church and community.  In recent years she has enjoyed teaching art to the students of Valley High School in Orderville, Utah. She has been blessed to learn more about art from Milford Zornes, Dell Parsons, Roland Lee and Julie Rogers.  Connie is still trying to catch “The Magic” through inspiration and work.

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